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Antibody Testing Available

COVID-19 immune response testing checks for immunoglobulin G (IgG)

that is a result of past COVID-19 infection.

This antibody can be detected 14 days after exposure to the virus

through a simple blood test.


The FDA has authorized antibody testing because:

• Antibody tests can help to identify those who have previously, possibly unknowingly, been infected with the virus and may have developed an immune response.

• Knowledge gained from other viruses suggests those who have antibodies may be able to go back to work and return to other activities.

• This test will help public health departments and researchers learn more about how many people in a population have been exposed or infected.

Does a positive antibody test result mean I am immune?

We do not yet know if a positive test result means someone is immune or for how long immunity might last. If your test is positive, you should continue to follow public health recommendations pertaining to social/physical distancing, hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, staying home when ill, and using a face mask.

How is the antibody test performed?

The test requires a quick blood test.

If I want to get tested to see if I had COVID-19 can I just come to a Medical Associates facility and be tested?

No. You should talk to your provider to learn about the test and determine whether you should be tested. You may call any of our offices to schedule a phone visit with a provider, during which it will be determined if you are a candidate for antibody testing.

What if I am an employer interested in testing for employees?

If you are an employer and would like to schedule on-site testing for your employees, please call 256-383-4447 for more information.


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