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Drafting of Letters by Physician

Letters drafted by our physicians to address Mental Capacity, Health Status, and Work Status (that does not fall under Short-term Disability or Long-term Disability):

In order for these letters to be completed a face to face visit will need to be scheduled. During the course of the visit the physician will review issues and concerns related to the patient’s condition for which the letter is being drafted.

The cost of this appointment is $85.00. It is not billable to your insurance carrier and must be paid in advance / prior to your appointment.

In the event that you have had a recent office visit and your physician feels that he can draft your letter without a patient visit the same $85 charge will apply.

Once your office visit is complete, you should allow three business days for your letter to be dictated and transcribed. Letters must be picked up in our office and payment is due prior to receiving your letter.

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