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Medical Records

Please call 256-383-4447 to obtain medical records. 


Patient’s medical records will be made available upon receipt of a signed, HIPAA compliant medical release.

Please allow 15 days for the production of records. More time may be needed if records have been purged to offsite storage.

Medical Associates will provide copies of medical records to other healthcare providers for ongoing treatment purposes at no cost.

At the patient’s request, Medical Associates will provide you with one copy of your medical record at no charge. Additional requests for medical records by the patient will incur a fee based on the fee schedule below.

Requests made by legal entities, companies, or for purposes such as life insurance, adoption, or other purposes not related to your medical care will incur a fee based on the fee schedule below.

MEDICAL RECORDS FEE SCHEDULE – is based on the cost of supplies and labor associated with the duplication of the medical record.

  • Pages 1 – 25 = $1.00 per page

  • Pages 26 and above = $.50 per page

  • Search fee of $5.00 for medical record that have purged to offsite storage

  • Special medical records such as X-ray will incur a higher cost

  • Fees for medical record duplication are due prior to release of records

Medical Associates of the Shoals

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