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Prepare Ahead for the “Goblin” Holiday

There may be nothing quite so tempting and tricky as Halloween candy... but achieving your goal is the REAL treat. Nothing tastes as sweet as success!

Candy is calorie dense, so even a few pieces can add up quickly. It's also no surprise that a food group called “sweets” is high in sugar.

Make it a "no goblin" holiday. Rather than bringing such temptations into your home, plan now to promote a HEALTHY HALLOWEEN – which not only helps you, but also lets you encourage kids to enjoy healthier alternatives that can be just as fun. This year, be unique by handing out party favors or trading cards. Choose to share non-food treats like stickers, pencils, temporary tattoos, little bottles of bubbles, or small games and toys. If you feel you must hand out snacks or "go goblin," opt for small boxes of raisins, healthy popcorn, or sugar-free candy.

With just a bit of preventive planning, you'll have nothing to fear from this holiday ahead. Learn more about AtLast now.


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